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June 30, 2014
by kikay
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Ootn Friday-Carrie Jumpsuit

I’ve been wanting to buy jumpsuit for quite a while but I can’t find a perfect shop to get it. I’ve seen one last fall season in one of my favourite shops but I didn’t buy it because it was still a new arrival. I said I have to wait till it will be on clearance. The next time I checked it, there’s no more. I think it was sold out. Of course I regret that I didn’t buy it from the moment I saw it because I’m pretty sure it will fit my petite physique. I decided to check my favorite online shop and yeah I’ve seen a lot of different styles for different seasons. Carrie Jumpsuit catch my attention because of it has 3/4′s sleeves, not bad for winter season. But here’s the exact product description:
- Lightweight, woven fabrication
- V-neckline
- Half sleeves
- Elasticated waist
- Tapered pants with elasticised cuffs
- Twin hip pockets.

It’s simply sophisticated. So glad that they have my size. I trust the shopping site when it comes to my size. I put it straight away in my my shopping cart and checked out. It was delivered after few days and I’m so happy that I bought it. I wore it last Friday night out with my bff. I wore metallic color belt in contrast of my its plain black colour.
The photo above was taken after our night out and I’m already home. As you can see it looks a bit crumply in front but it’s not bad. I should have had my photo taken before I left the house for fresher and neater look lol.

June 22, 2014
by kikay


I’ve been a member of Lookbook since July 2013, so it’s almost a year now but I just started to get active. Maybe it was just out of curiosity from a friend in FB that’s why I stumbled on the site, became a member, post one look and forgot about it. Lookbook is the number 1 source for fashion inspiration from real people around the world. It was founded and created by Yuri Lee in San Francisco in the year 2008. Wow! I think Yuri Lee is Asian. How come I didn’t paid attention to it in the first or second year it was founded? This is the site that I really love to be part of as a fashion and photography blogger and lover. Oh well, it’s better late than never. It usually happened to me. I don’t straight away get active in social networking things before anyone else does. I tend to get involve in things when it’s already in its peak.
Now that I get active in Lookbook, I’m hook in documenting my looks that I feel I look good. My collections of mix and match outfit, my branded collection of fashion brands. I took photos of myself using my smart phone and my canon buddy 600D with timer and tripod. How fun is that? I have my own personal photographers sometimes though. I’ve meet already few famous users in Lookbook and they’re really stunning and their outfits are to die for. I know my looks are nothing compared to them but I’m happy with what I have and I’m proud of my own creation. I love clothes, I love to dress up and take photos and that’s all that matters to me. I got inspired with fellow fashionistas in lookbook too. I got some good tips and ideas on how to dress up well and better. I will not try to immitate them because I will still stick to my own style but sometimes the new trends are just contagious. You know what I’m saying.
Now I think I have a good reason to keep updating this fashion and beauty blog of mine. I hope so. I will try my best. I’m just so lazy sometimes to write. Within 8 years of blogging and managing 10 blogs, it’s getting exhausting! Plus a family to tame and take care, gosh! It’s hard to balance. But hey…dressing up is my thing and that’s what I inherit from my late grandma. So, more looks from LOOKBOOK of me are coming now that I’m fashionably active.

June 11, 2014
by kikay
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Hanging in the Balance

A lot of people get in to trouble with a lot things because there isn’t any trust. Trust is the key word here; but of course if you are a business person, this is not enough. A contract is always needed. Of course, if there are disputes then an attorney for contract disputes is needed too.   Yes, you can trust people; but when big and important things hang in the balance, a binding trust is essential.

May 2, 2014
by kikay
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Fashion for Health

I’ve heard few people talking about magnetic bracelets that can heal? I really wonder how that can happen. When I saw the bracelets, it looks really pretty and fashionable. It could be magnetic bracelets for my therapy or simply just an accessory. It is actually affordable. According to what I’ve read, it is best magnetic bracelet therapy for the fastest pain relief for arthritis and magnet therapy used for pain relief fo inflammation.
The medical use of magnets has been reported in ancient history, and in recent years has been the subject of worldwide interest. Research with magnetism shows that magnet therapy can alter metabolic functions that cause pain by balancing the ph, increasing oxygen and reducing inflammation. Magnetic therapy can often be used as the first line of treatment for arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, edema, headaches or any inflammatory condition to promote healing. Our research has shown that the benefits of magnet therapy include pain relief and reduction of inflammation. Ancient Greeks discovered lodestone, a magnetic rock that had healing powers and the early Chinese recorded the use of magnets in medical literature. The application of magnets has given pain relief to millions of users and has no dangerous side effects as often seen with prescription drugs. For more information visit

March 19, 2014
by kikay
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Guitar Obsession

My bestfriend’s ex-husband who is a musician is obsessed with guitars. He has massive collections of them. His guitars are surely of good brands and expensive. Of course if it was me, I wouldn’t really consider getting a top brand guitar, but I would love a huge bargain. I haven’t all his guitars but I spotted godin multiac in one of his gigs that I attended.

February 28, 2014
by kikay
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Summer is Over

Summer is over and tomorrow is a new Month, new season. Welcome Autumn! How exciting the time fly so fast. Well, I think we made the most of our summer. Spending most of the scorchin hot days on the beach. What an epic 5 consecutive days of 40+ degrees temperature we had. It was an agony actually if we only stayed at home since we don’t have air-conditoned room yet and not even keen of having it lol. Only in the Philippines that I like to have aircon. I’ll share some photos of our summer beach fun times. See you summer!


And in the swimming pool…


January 30, 2014
by kikay
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Uninterrupted music tripping

Would it be possible if you listen to music without interruptions? I think yes! How? With the help of bose noise cancelling headphones I think. Personally, I haven’t tried it but it sounds interesting and somehow convincing. I want to try how it works. I’ve seen the prices online and it’s not cheap. My kids would love to have one too. There are time that you just want to stay in your room, lie on your bed and listen to music, mellow music, soothing music that will relax your senses. According to Martin Luther “Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us” and I agree.

December 28, 2013
by kikay
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Early morning noise

Every morning when I wake up, my kid’s noise is what always welcoming me. Sometimes their arguments and sometimes their screams of excitement on what they’re playing. But my favourite noise to hear from them is when they’re playing keyboards. My kids just love music and they always imitate the songs they’ve heard and played on keyboards. Good thing I just kept the keyboards and let go of the thought of buying the acoustic stringed guitars at guitar center that my husband suggested. I might consider it in the future if they’ll get interested to play guitar again.

December 9, 2013
by kikay
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Do Yoga and Beat Stress

When life become too stressful, we often take a backseat and opt out of exercise because we’re feeling too swamped. But according to the research, yoga can reduce stress, anxiety and depression by up to 64 per cent. So next time you go to reach for that third coffee, pull on some yoga clothes like leggings instead and try yoga. It will not only ease your mind but your body too. The best relaxation poses are child pose, eagle pose and corpse pose. That photo above is my example of eagle pose.

November 29, 2013
by kikay
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I think I can Dance

Yes I can dance, I can jive, I’m having the time of my life but I’m not the dancing queen. I felt like seventeen when I’m dancing. I have my own moves. Just play the right music; I’m getting in the swing. Oh yeah I can dance swing with my simple moves. I was thinking of going for swing dance lessons before just to get the professional moves but I changed my mind. It’s funny because I came to realized swing is for oldies. Why? Because what I’ve seen is mostly oldies are into ballroom dancing. Well, I’ll get to that point. I know and I will definitely do swing. For now, I’m happy with my basic knowledge of swing dancing.