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January 22, 2015
by kikay
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It’s not too late to learn

My kids were asking me what musical instrument I know how to play. I said guitar but not really good at it. Some few chords. They told me to practice playing the keyboards at home. I don’t think I have much time for that. But come to think of it? It’s not really too late to learn if you really want it. I
have other plans for myself this year that I really want to achieve and playing keyboards is not my priority. Good luck to me.

December 9, 2014
by kikay
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Music Folder

I used to keep music lyrics in a folder before, especially my favorite songs. Actually during my younger days, I used to copy song lyrics manually in a notepad. I got like a hundred or more pages of song lyrics during my high school days. Now my kids just print their favorite songs from online in our printer and place it in a file folder. It has already guitar notes on it which is very easy for them to read. They’re recently using music clip because they find it easier to look at the song without worrying it might be blown away by wind while they’re playing music.
Now I just realize why my kids loves music, because ever since I am a music lover. But they can slightly play guitar. They’re good in playing keyboard and piano and they all have a good singing voice. I can sing but I don’t have the confident like my kids.

October 21, 2014
by kikay
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Videoke Time

My family mostly spend time together doing videoke or karaoke. We take turns in singing and we pick our own song choice in the karaoke machine. Sometimes we do challenge. We have to sing one song and beat each other scores. It’s fun. Sometimes my kids played keyboard and guitar in join with the karaoke machine. We end up laughing at each other because the Father of the family is really out of tune most of the time. If only we can order one instrument to make the Dad correct his out of tune voice, we already did hahaha, but there’s no such thing. Not everyone is gifted with good singing voice. But onfident and love of music matters.

October 20, 2014
by kikay

Eight Things To Know About Our Body

1. Eating poorly and being like, “OK TIME TO  Animorph into  Sexy Skinny” is not effective. Not only will the weight come right back and you’ll be messing with your metabolism forever, but you know you are going to get drunk and eat eight slices of pizza with the world on them.

2. Wear Whatever.
There’s no such being as being “too old” or “too big” for an outfit. Fuck that. You are a baby, even if you weren’t, you can wear  V-neck dress until you die.

3. Only you notice your giant pores/ split ends/uneven skin tone.
Do not spend zillions of dollars and energy trying to fix tiny flaws that drive you nuts. Nobody else notices that tiny cluster of zits spent $500 trying to fix.

4. Pick a workout that enjoy your, not one that’s most effective and guarantees summer abs.
Rather than sticking to an intense and horrible workout program for about five days and then slipping, just go to yoga twice a week or whenever you can. You’ll get toned, but more importantly, it is good for your sooooul.

5. If a (good) guy’s with you, he loves your body just the way it is.
Here is what men think is attractive vs. women think is attractive. And if you do want to change your body, do it for yourself, not for a guy.

6. Comparing your body to friends’ won’t get you anywhere.
Even your friends with the most amazing body hates something about herself. We all just need to own it! And sitting with jealousy about another woman’s delts won’t make your delts firmir. ( Or thinner. Or whatever it is delts are supposed to look like.

7. Find the skin makeup that works for you–just because a friend loves hers doesn’t mean it’s the right kind.
BB cream, lauded by all of my friends as fantastic, made me break out.

8. Stop worrying about being tan.
It might look great now, but in few years,you’ll have scary potentially cancerous freckles and freak out evert summer when you see them. Don’t become cancer-prone leather just for temporary hotness.

Source: Cosmo.PH

October 20, 2014
by kikay
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My Little Jazz Man

One of my sons is becoming a great musician. He is quite good in singing, and now has been playing the keyboard quite well.   He just plays the keyboard every morning.   All he needs now is a gear to keep it up.   I just can’t wait when he is much older and able to perform in bigger venues.   He has been performing with his brothers in small gatherings, and they are doing excellent.

September 2, 2014
by kikay
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This lady hugging me is my good friend. I admire her for being such a handywoman. She’s very hardworking and she knows a lot about home renovating, landscaping, etc. She’s really tough and I want to be like her but I don’t think I can do what she can. I’m limited haha. I wish I can install just a cabinet hinges for it is the number one problem at home. I know how to tighten loose screws of the hinges in cabinets by using screwdrivers though. Is that enough? I think we need to replace our cabinet hinges to a better quality.

July 26, 2014
by kikay
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Bodycon White Dress

I bought this Bodycon white dress one year ago and I only wore it twice this year. First was last May when my very close friend had her 50th birthday. Next was just last weekend when another close friend of mine celebrated her 50th birthday. Gosh! It’s like this dress is meant for serious 50th birthdays. I couldn’t find a perfect occasion to wear this dress last year. It has a revealing opening at back almost reaching the lower back. It’s pretty kinda peplum style but it’s bodycon.

Here are some few photos of me wearing this dress..

Bodycon White Dress


Bodycon White Dress

Bodycon White Dress

July 25, 2014
by kikay
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Beginners luck

Do you believe in beginners luck? Somehow I do because it happened to me 3 years ago lol. In what sense? Oh well, it’s for myself to keep haha. My son joined in their club a talent competition and he won. He sang in front of many people. It was the first time he joined. Some joined by playing musical instruments like keyboards, trumpets,ukelele etc. Letting kids joined simple competition is perfect for beginners to boost their confidence and whatever fields of talents they have. And when they’re confident enough, then it’s time for them to face the big stage of competition not aiming to win but to show the world what they’ve got it’s a bonus if they win. And that’s what I called beginners luck. There’s always a first time for everything.

June 30, 2014
by kikay

Ootn Friday-Carrie Jumpsuit

I’ve been wanting to buy jumpsuit for quite a while but I can’t find a perfect shop to get it. I’ve seen one last fall season in one of my favourite shops but I didn’t buy it because it was still a new arrival. I said I have to wait till it will be on clearance. The next time I checked it, there’s no more. I think it was sold out. Of course I regret that I didn’t buy it from the moment I saw it because I’m pretty sure it will fit my petite physique. I decided to check my favorite online shop and yeah I’ve seen a lot of different styles for different seasons. Carrie Jumpsuit catch my attention because of it has 3/4’s sleeves, not bad for winter season. But here’s the exact product description:
– Lightweight, woven fabrication
– V-neckline
– Half sleeves
– Elasticated waist
– Tapered pants with elasticised cuffs
– Twin hip pockets.

It’s simply sophisticated. So glad that they have my size. I trust the shopping site when it comes to my size. I put it straight away in my my shopping cart and checked out. It was delivered after few days and I’m so happy that I bought it. I wore it last Friday night out with my bff. I wore metallic color belt in contrast of my its plain black colour.
The photo above was taken after our night out and I’m already home. As you can see it looks a bit crumply in front but it’s not bad. I should have had my photo taken before I left the house for fresher and neater look lol.

June 22, 2014
by kikay


I’ve been a member of Lookbook since July 2013, so it’s almost a year now but I just started to get active. Maybe it was just out of curiosity from a friend in FB that’s why I stumbled on the site, became a member, post one look and forgot about it. Lookbook is the number 1 source for fashion inspiration from real people around the world. It was founded and created by Yuri Lee in San Francisco in the year 2008. Wow! I think Yuri Lee is Asian. How come I didn’t paid attention to it in the first or second year it was founded? This is the site that I really love to be part of as a fashion and photography blogger and lover. Oh well, it’s better late than never. It usually happened to me. I don’t straight away get active in social networking things before anyone else does. I tend to get involve in things when it’s already in its peak.
Now that I get active in Lookbook, I’m hook in documenting my looks that I feel I look good. My collections of mix and match outfit, my branded collection of fashion brands. I took photos of myself using my smart phone and my canon buddy 600D with timer and tripod. How fun is that? I have my own personal photographers sometimes though. I’ve meet already few famous users in Lookbook and they’re really stunning and their outfits are to die for. I know my looks are nothing compared to them but I’m happy with what I have and I’m proud of my own creation. I love clothes, I love to dress up and take photos and that’s all that matters to me. I got inspired with fellow fashionistas in lookbook too. I got some good tips and ideas on how to dress up well and better. I will not try to immitate them because I will still stick to my own style but sometimes the new trends are just contagious. You know what I’m saying.
Now I think I have a good reason to keep updating this fashion and beauty blog of mine. I hope so. I will try my best. I’m just so lazy sometimes to write. Within 8 years of blogging and managing 10 blogs, it’s getting exhausting! Plus a family to tame and take care, gosh! It’s hard to balance. But hey…dressing up is my thing and that’s what I inherit from my late grandma. So, more looks from LOOKBOOK of me are coming now that I’m fashionably active.